Interest Rates

February 2020 - Mortgage Rates improve again

September Update - 2019 Interest Rates are at 33 month lows! This is good for refinancing and also makes purchasing more home for a lower payment easier.

Without getting into the mechanics of how interest rates change, we would like to point out that DHL Mortgage Inc has access to the best and largest wholesale lenders in the country. They have the best interest rates which allows us to broker them to you at the best prices.

By definition, (usually) wholesale rates are less than retail rates.
The large banks on the corner have to cover the brick and mortar of the location, we don’t. They have to pay a large staff, We don’t.
We have the ability to waive a fee.  They don’t

Currently, our favorite source is giving an appraisal reimbursement on certain loan programs. That is a credit of up to $500 at closing.
When you apply with DHL Mortgage, your only up front expense is the 3rd party appraisal fee that most customers pay with a credit card.

All other fees and costs are collected at closing.

If you are in need of an estimate of your unique situation, please give us a call or send us an email.

Thank you,

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