What’s My Home Worth?

whats my home worth

If You are Thinking of Listing your Home, you should know “How much is My Home Worth?”

If you are thinking about refinancing your home, you should know , How much is my Home Worth?”

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how much is my home worth

If You are Thinking of Refinancing Your Home You will want to Know "How Much is My Home Worth?"

Home Value Estimator Tool: Free of Charge

If you are considering a refinance this tool is very helpful. It comes from the largest wholesale lender in the country, free of charge. The most popular refinance today is a rate term refinance especially when customers are in their homes for only a few years and want to get rid of the PMI. (private mortgage insurance)

This happens when your loan to value gets to be 75% to 80% of the home’s value.

Unless you want to put money down, this loan doesn’t work if you are coming in at 83 percent loan to value. You need to know that you are 80% on a conventional loan. 85% if you are doing a FHA cash out refinance.

In either case this is where DHL mortgage can help.

 If you intend on refinancing we can help you get the best terms available.

If you are selling your home we can refer you to a local Real Estate agent who can provide his/her unique opinion regarding your home. All Realtors listed on our web site are agents whom we have done business with through the years and are considered to be excellent professionals in our opinion.

The "Appraisal Waiver Pre-Check Tool"

Introducing the Appraisal Waiver Pre-Check Tool. This is a great tool for Realtors or Buyers no matter if you are Purchasing or Selling or even Refinancing.

If you are a Realtor and your client is purchasing and has 20% to put down, we can check and see if the property gets an appraisal waiver.  This saves the customer the cost of an appraisal. ($500) and a lot of time during the process.

If you are a Realtor, who has a listing, and the property qualifies, we remove the obstacle of the appraisal that could potentially put a dampener on your deal. Avoiding the process of ordering an appraisal also speeds up the process and how quickly we get to the closing table.

If you the owner and want to refinance, we can run the same tool and see if you save the $500.

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