For Sale By Owners

Here at Lake Worth Beach Mortgage We have a Whole Program dedicated to supporting the Homeowner marketing their home as a" For Sale by Owner"

We can help with support the FSBO home seller in many aspects of the sale. Most importantly we want to help you qualify your potential buyers and ultimately help them get their mortgage done in a timely manner, with service and a smile.

If you enter into a contract with someone who is not qualified to follow through on the purchase of your home, you are effectively taking your home off the market.

  • We want to help your buyer with their loan. Typically, we can move fast (usually 10-21 days) and we keep both sides of the deal posted as to the progress of the loan. We generally start the process by giving them an estimate of what their loan would look like. We do this free of charge for you the seller.
  • We can help with Valuation Tools for you. Do you know how much your home is worth? This is not an appraisal , it is a 10 page print out of a range of values and recent comparables. This is something that is provided by our favorite Lender who happens to be the Largest Wholesale Lender in the Country. This is also free of charge to you. This will help verify that you are selling your home in the appropriate price range.
  • We can help with Open House Flyers that show pictures of your home, descriptions of the amenities and also what the approximate mortgage payment will be. They are very professional and is something that you can email as well.
  • We think you will be so happy with the service that you receive, that you be happy to consider using Lake Worth Beach Mortgage if you have a need for a mortgage going forward. We have no ideas what your plans are but in the same way we can give estimates and excellent service to you if need be.
  • Sometimes the home selling process is too much for some and you feel like passing on the torch, we can refer you to a quality Realtor in your area. We know quite a few. We have been helping happy customers in Florida for over 20 years and we would like to help you.

Mortgage Brokers Offer so Many More Choices than the Big Banks, and We are Local and Available so You Don't have to Wait in Line. Also we literally get the loan closed in half the time.

Why is a Mortgage Company Like an Airline

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