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Preston Ware (561) 329-0075

Here are a few comments about my background as a Mortgage Originator for Lake Worth Beach Mortgage Inc.

I am happy to say that I have stayed in the same line of work since 1993 when I started as a mortgage processor for SunTrust Bank in Fort Lauderdale. 

Since then I have learned a lot and have spent most of my experience as an independent mortgage originator in Palm Beach county.

I have always preferred the smaller mortgage company over the large banks who seem to not care too much about their clients.

I am happy to say that the most fulfilling role I have played in the mortgage business is the one I have right now as independent mortgage originator with Lake Worth Beach Mortgage Inc.

We have the best of both worlds.

Lake Worth Beach Mortgage deals with the the best wholesalers in the country, with low overhead. Since we have relatively low overhead, we are able to bring excellent prices to our customers. Because we are not a giant bank, we are able to move much faster than the monsters who have the brick and mortar on the street corner and do a lot of other things besides mortgages.

A typical clean conventional loan takes 10-21 days to process, or less.

We would like to talk with you about your goals if you are a potential client or a Realtor looking to benefit from our help.

Thank you,

Preston Ware business card

Here is an Elevator speech from my previous banking days but the goal still holds true today

We want to welcome our newest employee Gian Popoteur

Gian comes from a banking background. He is also Bi-lingual which is a huge help here in South Florida

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