Privacy Policy

As your mortgage broker, in the beginning of the process, we will ask that you e-sign a borrowers authorization form.

This gives us permission to pull a credit report that is good for 90 days. We will use this credit report to embed your file in our mortgage origination software and get you an on-line approval.

Every conventional and FHA loan that we do, we get an on-line approval from either Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or FHA before you spend a dime on an appraisal.

We may also use this form if we need to get a 3rd party verification of employment, quote of an insurance policy, or if we are dealing with a credit reporting agencies on your behalf. Anything else that shows we have your permission for the sake of processing your transaction.

Post closing, Lake Worth Beach Mortgage does not sell your borrower information to anyone and also our favorite sources agree not to solicit you going forward. Their view is that you are my client not theirs.

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