Private Money Financing

Private money financing for investment properties is available for Contractors, Investors and Realtors who have a track record of flipping houses. In some cases we can help leverage your business by acquiring a line of credit based on your existing liquidity. So instead of flipping one house, you can flip three.

House flipping has quite frankly slowed down in South Florida in the last few years because there are less properties available that make sense for the person doing the purchase, fix up and sell.

On a typical deal we can get you 90% of acquisition cost and 80% of repairs.

Typical fees will be 3-4 points with an interest rate of 9%-12%.

Private money financing allows the “flipper” to leverage their capital to flip more homes and make more money.

Due to excessive regulation, we are no longer able to private private money financing for owner occupied properties. Our programs are strictly for investment properties meant to be sold or rented out.

This is an older video but the game is still out there for the private investor/contractor who is able to find that special property that needs a lot of work at a good asking price.

At DHL Mortgage in Lake Worth we can help you with institutional private money financing to acquire the property and later on, help you with the end loan when you finally sell that buy fix up and flip to a home buyer.

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